General Rules

  1. Portable tree stands only. No permanent tree stands permitted and no screw in steps. Safety harness must be worn at all times while climbing and using a tree stand on club property.
  2. No ATV's, snowmobiles, trail bikes or motorcycles on club lands without written landowner approval. Where approved those vehicles are limited to logging roads only. Helmets must be worn while on club lands. ALL ATV'S ON CLUB PROPERTY MUST HAVE A BUMPER STICKER ATTACHED SHOWING YOUR CLUB ID #
  3. All club members must wear visible club identification on themselves and on their vehicles while on club properties.
  4. Members will leave no refuse or deface any property while on club lands. Trail markers must be removed immediately after final usage.
  5. Club members must abide by all New York State and Pennsylvania fish and game laws.
  6. No organized drives of deer on club lands the opening day of that state's rifle deer season.
  7. Every member is responsible to police club lands against trespassers and game law violators.
  8. Club members must report to the club secretary, all deer and turkey harvested each year on club properties.
  9. Every club member must honor the requests by the club landowners.
  10. There is no camping allowed on club land.
  11. Members must wear a minimum of 100 square inches of fluorescent orange, hat or vest, visible 360 degrees, during the state rifle deer season.
  12. No non-members are allowed on club lands at any time. This includes spouses and children of paid members. This rule applies even with landowner permission.
  13. No member in arrears of dues, fines or fees are allowed to use club lands until all monies owed are paid.
  14. No target practice is allowed on any club lands.
  15. No hunting or discharging of firearms within 500 feet of any building, home or barn.
  16. No fires allowed on club leased land.
  17. Members cannot drive into any cultivated fields on club lands. Parking is limited to those areas designated by the landowners.
  18. Members must not trespass on neighboring non-club lands.
  19. Never hunt or sit within sight of another club member. The first member in an area, after making his/her presence known, has the rights to the area which can be seen.
  20. No damage to any fences on club lands. All gates must be closed and locked after access or departure.
  21. All members are required to participate in at least one work day per year. Failure to participate will result in an assessment. Work days are held on the second and third weekends in September.
  22. No baiting or feeding of any game in New York or Pennsylvania.
  23. Any member when entering a game animal into our big buck, spring turkey, or coyote contest must submit a photo of the animal to the club, before it is considered for a free mount or any monetary reduction.